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Saleza is a hardware device, unlike conventional parental control software, Saleza doesn’t need any application to be installed on any of your devices. Connect your Devices to Saleza’s(Wi-Fi Newtork) and you’re good to go!

Saleza gets connected to your existing router and gives your kids a separate Wi-Fi network to browse on. We suggest you always have two networks at your place to easily manage your kid’s network. Have your Kid’s exams near the corner? Does everyone have to lose their online connectivity? No! Just Unplug Saleza at bed times or during exams to help your Kid’s Concentrate on what matters!

Saleza works with your existing internet connection

Saleza works on a subscription based model. The internet changes every second, with new websites and malware trying to harm your homes. We at Shield Encasa work round the clock to shield your homes by constantly changing our Filtration Policies and working on newer updates for your Saleza device. Hence it is essential to have an active subscription.

YouTube’s Restricted Mode prohibits users from watching live videos and comments since it may contain objectionable content.

Twitter does not have a policy to monitor adult content. Twitter has always been on the news for having a lot of explicit pornographic content.

Saleza is able to manage all the devices connected to it's network.

Saleza is able to manage any device in your home that uses it's network whether it be a Playstation or Smart Watch etc.

Web categories are pre-defined on a general level to block all unsafe content. If you want any specific websites to be blocked on your saleza device you can write to us on [email protected]