About Us

Shield Encasa specializes in Internet Filteration and Cyber Security solutions. Our Real Time Cloud Filter's (RTCF) unmatched performance makes it the best in class Web Filter compared to its competitors.

What makes Saleza Unique?

  • Plug and Play:

Saleza is extremely easy to use, Take Saleza along where ever you go and use it with an existing Internet Connection. Going for a vacation? Or spendig a day at your friend's place? Take Saleza with you! Unlike your DTH or your Internet Connection that is limited to your home, Saleza will be delighted to accompany your family and shield you online!

  • Compatibility:

Internet today is not just about browsing the web from your laptop or your smartphone alone, kids can also access the web from devices like SmartWatches, Smart TV's, Playstations etc. While parental control softwares fail to protect these devices, Saleza is compatible with any device that connects to it.

  • Tech Support:

Our Customers are our priority! Other Internet Filters need extensive configuration even if it is a simple DIY model. We understand your busy schedule, hence we at Shield Encasa will extend complete Tech Support from Installation to Troubleshooting.

  • Perk Up Your Internet:

Saleza protects you from Online Threats by blocking Malicious websites, Spam Url's and phishing sites. Anti-Virus for all your devices. Saleza saves your bandwidth by blocking Advertisements and also protects you from Advertisement Trackers online.

  • Cost effective:

Unlike other Filters we do not charge you based on the number of devices. All your devices are on the house. Your friends and relatives can also use salza when they come over.

  • Making Saleza a must have for a Happy Home!

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